About the Scholarship

The ANA Academic Neurology Teaching Scholarship was established by the ANA Education Committee in 2000 to encourage young faculty members to develop neuroscience courses for medical students as a way to improve the teaching of the neurological sciences. The program focuses on mentoring and training a young faculty member by improving teaching abilities in lecture and small group discussion, as well as the running and organizing of an integrated neuroscience course.

During the two-month scholarship, the scholar will work closely with a master teacher at the participating institution. The master teacher will help improve the teaching skills of the scholar, as well as help the
scholar organize and run an integrated neuroscience program. The scholar will serve as lecturer and small group instructor in the integrated neuroscience course.

The ANA currently offers the Scholarship at two institutions:

University of Rochester Program
Ralph Jozefowicz, MD, directs the program at the University of Rochester, Rochester, New York. This program runs in the fall of each year.

Ohio State University Program
Joanne Lynne, MD, directs the Ohio State University program in Columbus, Ohio.

Award and Expenses

The ANA awards $5,000 to each scholar for travel and living expenses at the host institution. The host institution will provide the learning milieu for the fellow. For exceptional cases, a shorter period may be considered. The home institution is expected to provide salary for the scholar during the fellowship.

Nomination Process

To nominate a junior faculty member or exceptional senior level trainee from your department who may have an interest in this scholarship, please email the name and CV of interested faculty to the ANA office at ana@aneuroa.org. Please also include a letter from the department chair stating financial support for the scholar during the scholarship, indicating the need of the institution for a neuroscience program, and describing other details in support of the applicant. The name, CV, and chair's letter will be forwarded to the Education Committee and Department Chair of the host institution for selection.

Past Recipients

2012 Augusto Miravalle
2010 Rohit Das & Matthew Jensen
2007 David Newman-Toker
2006 Jennifer Molano
2005 Joseph Safdeieh
2001 Celia Chang

The Experience

“The fellowship and experience at the University of Rochester exceeded my expectations. With current and future changes in postgraduate medical education, residency programs will have to be proactive in developing strategies that will provide competency-based education in a dynamic, yet efficient format. The Neurology Teaching fellowship at the University of Rochester provided me with the basic tools that will help me establish and develop projects in our residency program at the University of Colorado that will guide our residents to acquire integration of clinical and neuroscience learning. By actively participating in educational activities with Dr Jozefowicz, I had the opportunity to foster my skills in curriculum development, assessments and outcome measurements in medical education. I strongly recommend this fellowship to any faculty with interest in a career in medical education.”

Augusto Miravalle, MD
Assistant Professor of Neurology
Associate Director, Neurology Residency Program
University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine
Aurora, Colorado

John A. Young, MD, who attended the University of Rochester Program in 2006, best summarizes the experience:

"My experience at The University of Rochester ranks as one of the best experiences of my professional life. It was a unique opportunity that almost seemed tailored to fit my own specialization in medicine and my new role in the area of medical student education. As a member of the Curriculum Committee at WVU, it is now my goal to begin to work on adopting this integrated approach to teaching neurosciences in our own first or second years of medical school."
-John A. Young, MD

David Newman Toker, MD, PhD, also attended the Program at the University of Rochester in 2007 and stated:

"...the teaching fellowship provided me with immediate career developement opportunities in Neurology education. The training and experience provided instant credibility with local academic administration in my role as a future leader of our proposed integrated neurosciences curriculum, and also led to my now being a newly-minted member of several national education committees. I wholeheartedly recommend the ANA fellowship in Rochester to anyone interested in a career as an academic educator in Neurology, particularly those interested in basic science education."
-David E. Newman-Toker, MD, PhD