Derek Denny-Brown Nominations Are Open

Deadline Extended: April 30, 2014
The Membership Committee is seeking nominations for prestigious Derek Denny-Brown Award

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The deadline to become a member to be eligible has been extended too. You now have until April 30 to join. 

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ANA launches open-access journal

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Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology (ACTN), a new online-only, open access journal, will publish original research and scholarly reviews focused on the mechanisms and treatments of diseases of the nervous system; high-impact topics in neurologic education; and other topics of interest to the clinical neuroscience community.Log in to access the ANA Member Discount Code to get 50% off your submission

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Discoveries in Neuroscience

October 2013

The following are summaries of some key recent findings in neuroscience, collected from other journals and reported in the Annals of Neurology. For a more thorough description, click here.

De novo insights into the genetics of epileptic encephalopathies
(Nature doi:10.1038/nature12439).

Schizophrenia genetics. More de novo and back in time
(Cell 2013, 154:518–529).

A class Act in autoimmune demyelination
(Nat Neurosci doi:10.1038/nn.3505).

Video gaming does make you smarter
(Nature 2013: 501: dol:10.1038/nature12486).