6th Annual Translational & Clinical Research Course

Sunday, July 20th through Tuesday, July 22nd


The course is designed to further the development of young clinical neuroscientists interested in or engaged in translational or clinical research. Compared to fields such as oncology, cardiology, and diabetes and metabolism, the clinical neurosciences currently lack well established pathways for providing this kind of training for fellows and junior faculty.
This two-day course will engage selected research fellows, residents, and junior faculty in an analysis of the development of therapies for neurological diseases. Most participants will be in neurology or neurosurgery.Most will not have already developed long-term research programs or funding, but will have declared intentions to work in this field.
Throughout the course, strategies for career development will be interwoven with the didactic material. The sequence of topics will work forward from the early stages of development, including initial screening and efficacy testing in model systems, to the evolution of therapeutic hypotheses, through early, middle and late stage clinical trials, and the post-marketing assessment of therapies testing.
Lectures, group discussions, and case examples will be used as learning strategies.

Please Click Here to view the 6th Annual TCRC Brochure.