The United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties (UCNS), a nonprofit organization that accredits training programs (fellowships) in neurologic subspecialties and awards certification to physicians who demonstrate their competence in these subspecialties, is seeking comments on revised program requirements in the subspecialties of Neuroimaging, Neurocritical Care, Autonomic Disorders, and Geriatric Neurology.


To determine program compliance for accreditation, the UCNS uses program requirements that are developed by the subspecialty. Program requirements are comprised of two pieces: 


1) The common program requirements approved by the UCNS Board, which are required for use by all subspecialties and were approved in 2011.  The purpose of the common program requirements is to ensure consistency in basic standards for all accredited programs.


2) Subspecialty-specific program requirements are determined by each subspecialty. Subspecialties are required to review their program requirements at least once every five years. At that time they may propose revisions applicable to their subspecialty. 


You are invited to submit comments by September 13, 2013. Please include the requirement’s name, number, page number, and line number when addressing specific program requirements. All comments must be submitted electronically to Comments received after the date above will not be reviewed. 


PLEASE NOTE: In each Program Requirements document, the common program requirements that were approved in 2011 are bolded. You are invited to provide comments regarding non-bolded text.


The current program requirements are posted on the UCNS website under your subspecialty at Copies of the revised program requirements can be found below.


Neuroimaging Program Requirements Comment Invitation

Neuroimaging Programming Requirements

Neurocritical Care Program Requirements Comment Invitation

Neurocritical Care Programming Requirements

Autonomic Disorders Program Requirements Comment Invitation

Autonomic Disorders Programming Requirements

Geriatric Neurology Program Requirements Comment Invitation

Geriatric Neurology Programming Requirements



If you wish to review a copy containing the tracked revisions, please contact the UCNS office at (612) 928-6399.