Our Mission

Aneuroa is a news website devoted to advancing the goals of addiction treatment and recovery; to share stories and educate those affected by addiction and their family members; and to expanding both our understanding of addiction and our ability to treat them.

Our Goals

1. To disseminate knowledge about the addiction and recovery by:

  • Presenting new scientific basic and clinical information 
  • Publishing news articles about scientific developments in the addiction and addiction treatment fields
  • Formulating and promoting high standards of addiction treatment practice

2. To promote research into the causes and treatment of addiction by: 

  • Attracting promising addiction therapists and researchers into academic addiction treatment and supporting their development
  • Advocating financial support from government, industry and individuals for research on addiction and its disorders

3. To formulate and promote policies and actions which will support the goals of addiction treatment by: 

  • Providing a unified voice for academic addiction treatment
  • Setting guidelines and assuring excellence in programs that train and educate professionals in the field of addiction treatment
  • Raising the standard of addiction treatment of all addiction therapists etc

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